Referral Program

Good things are meant to be shared. When you refer individuals and legal entities to DearTime, they can express their gratitude by giving up to 10% of their premiums to you as a Thanksgiving gift.

How It Works

You Refer

Referral Link

You can either share your referral link via chat apps or social media; or embed it in your business app/website to offer insurance as part of your value proposition.

Referral QR Code

You can either flash your referral QR code for your referees to scan; or print out your referral QR code and place it on your business counter to offer insurance.

Buy for Referee

When you buy insurance for individuals who have not signed up with DearTime, they automatically become your referees when they accept your purchase offer.

You Receive

Referee Gives

Those whom you successfully refer to DearTime will be your referees for life. They can give you up to 10% of premiums of all policies they own as Thanksgiving gifts.

Referral Gift

On the 23rd of every month, total Thanksgiving from your referees in the previous month are credited into your bank account whenever the premiums are paid.

2-Tiers Referral (coming soon)

Your tier-2 referees are those whom your tier-1 referees refer to DearTime. Your tier-1 referees will share with you 10% of Thanksgiving gifts that they receive.

Referral Program

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