About Us

We make insurance a fundamental human right, no longer a privilege.

The problem

Only 4 out of 10 Malaysians have life insurance. Life insurance penetration is low because insurance is seen as Expensive, Complicated & Inaccessible.


High 3rd party commissions with non-insurance frills like investments.


Long-winded terms & manual process of buying, editing & claiming.


Insurance branches & agents are mostly found in cities & towns only.


No commission,
No frills.


Simple product, simple process.


Everyone, everywhere.

The solution

DearTime was founded in 2019 by Jon Ng, together with insurance industry experts. Through fully digital means, DearTime makes insurance Affordable, Simple & Accessible.

Sponsored Insurance

Life insurance is a fundamental right of every life, not a privilege.

With DearTime Sponsored Insurance, the first of its kind, you are not just buying insurance for yourself; you are sponsoring someone who cannot afford it too. Together, we are touching one more life.



Covering every human life directly with life insurance, and restoring the quality and quantity of life for those in times of need.


Closing insurance penetration gap and democratising insurance industry by making life insurance products and processes affordable, simple and accessible to everyone through fully digital means for a complete and effortless digital insurance experience.

Corporate Values

Push Humanity Forward
Uphold Equality & Human Rights
Foster Love & Kindness
Be Transparent Always

Discover more about our organisation


Meet our Board of Directors and Senior Management Team who are committed to achieving the mission and vision of DearTime for the goodness of humanity.

Investor Relation

We value and build long term relationships with our shareholders and investment community by providing relevant, accurate, and timely information.

Corporate Governance

We focus on good governance practices and foster a responsible and transparent corporate management to deliver the best values to our customers.

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