DearTime is a dedication solely to Time Herself. Time is of dire importance to us but She is often overlooked and taken for granted. Time gives life to us and She takes life away. Time gives us wisdom and in return, She claims our beauty. Some of us love Her, others hate Her, but all of us cannot live without Her.

In the advancement of technology, Time is of the essence. Just when we thought computers cannot be any faster or smaller, quantum computers have been developed, catapulting human civilisation to a higher level. The Time taken to conduct a two-way communication is greatly shortened with the perpetual competition in improving and advancing mobile devices, giving us the ability to achieve milestones for humankind in the shortest Time possible.

In the world of Finance, every passing moment in Time is equivalent to money gained or lost. Time to maturity is an important consideration for investors in relation to the rate of return and exposure to risk. The higher the risk and return of an asset, the shorter its Time to maturity an investor would choose so that the uncertainty and volatility can be minimised. On the other hand, the selected few investors who truly value the importance of Time are able to project the market movement into the future with high confidence level of precision.

Science has an intimate relationship with Time. Despite centuries of fascination and research about Time, we still do not fully understand Her. Newton set out a static framework of the universe and his theory had prevailed for more than two hundred years until Einstein came along and rewrote the entire rule of space and Time. He married the two into space-time, stating that mass and energy warp the geometry of space-time in the same way a heavy object sinks the mattress, thus producing the effects of gravity. In the year 2016, gravitational waves, which was a radical prediction of Einstein was first observed and it changed the game of astronomy. Once, astronomy only had eyes to see; now, it has ears to hear too. With the discovery of gravitational waves, we can now build “time machines” to peer into the distant past and witness the genesis of the universe.

Biology and medicine are also making their contributions to the longevity of humankind, giving us more Time to enjoy life. From a successful human head transplant, to connecting individual neurons using lasers, as well as almost completely eradicating the Guinea worm; these are some of the examples of medical achievements in the continuous effort to prolong our lives. If this does not excite you, biotechnology has successfully recorded memories and dreams, and uploaded it back into the brain once more. In the future, we are able to download a whole human brain using a quantum computer, enabling us to live on as surrogates long after the physical body has disintegrated.

No matter how advanced humankind is, let us not forget the history of Time. We should preserve the footprints left behind by those who lived before us so that our future generations are able to appreciate how far we have come, how species have evolved, how fleeting life is, and yet how significant a difference a fleeting life can make to the world. Preservation of ancient sites, archaeological discoveries, historical artworks and many more should be given equal attention as any other concerns of ours, lest we forget.

The past, the present, the future; Time is full of exciting mysteries waiting for us to unravel. Put Time first and everything else will fall into place because in whatever or whoever we place our Time, there our treasure and triumph will be.